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Premium Dental Implants

Dental implants boost your confidence and restore your teeth to improve your bite, oral health, and appearance. A dental implant procedure typically includes two parts, the implant itself and the restoration stage. We strive to deliver a comprehensive approach that meets your needs and aligns with your oral health goals.

At Cosmopolitan Dentistry, our dentists specialize in each step of tooth implants. We start with a thorough exam and determine the most appropriate solution for your teeth. Then, we surgically place the implant and start the restoration. Once we are finished, you will leave the office with the confidence and beautiful smile that you’ve been waiting for.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are surgically installed into the jaw, replacing the root of the affected teeth. These devices restore chewing ability and appearance, allowing you to have the strength and confidence that come with natural teeth. With the tooth implant in place, your smile will be restored. In addition, you can look forward to improved oral health, chewing strength, and speech capabilities.


Dental Implant Restoration

With the dental implant acting as an artificial root, you will be able to restore your bite and your appearance. During the restoration step of your dental implant procedure, the gap in your teeth will be filled with either a crown, bridge, or dentures situated on an abutment. Crowns are often used for a single tooth, a bridge is used for several teeth, and dentures can be used for many teeth as well.

Brighten Your Smile & Build Your Confidence

You don’t have to let your teeth diminish your confidence. Whether you need your teeth whitened, restored, or cleaned, Cosmopolitan Dentistry is here to help. We offer solutions for chipped, broken, misshapen, and discolored teeth. We also provide extractions and dental implants. Whatever your needs, our dentists will to find a solution that aligns with your goals.

Our dental team specializes in dental implants and dental implant restoration. If you are missing teeth or need to have teeth pulled due to damage or decay, dental implants can mend the gap and restore your smile. With this procedure, the entire tooth is replaced with a strong and aesthetic artificial tooth. The root is replaced by the metal implant, then the visible tooth is replaced with a crown, bridge, or dentures.

A tooth implant not only restores the appearance of your tooth, but it also restores the strength and durability of a natural tooth. You won’t have to stress over the pain, sensitivity, or other concerns that were bothering you beforehand. Instead, you can rest assured that your new smile is bright, strong, and resilient.

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FAQs on Dental Implants

Yes. Sometimes if a tooth has been missing a long time, additional steps may be required.

Sometimes a provisional tooth can be placed at the time that you get your implant.

Yes. We would need information regarding the type of implant and size.

Implant retained dentures are much more secure and reliable.

Yes. Technology and implant procedures change and advance with time.  Things may be possible today that weren’t possible before.

An implant is a much better choice because it does not depend on other teeth.

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